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White latex

Made through polyvinyl acetate polymerization, it applies to the pasting or joining of wooden furniture, wooden toys, wicker furniture or other articles made of porous materials. It is currently one of the most extensively used adhesives.

Carpoly white latex product range includes conventional white latex, plate alignment adhesive, assembly adhesive, veneer adhesive, PVC plastic adhesive and hot melt adhesive. They have the following prominent advantages:
Optimal raw materials and additives, highly environmental friendly;

High solid content (effective adhesive substance), and stable adhesive performance;

Stable performance, and high water resistance;

Quick dry and stable adhesion even in high-humidity condition;

Easy application, applicable for roller, brush, scrape or coating machine;

Optimal acid and alkali corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, retaining its strong adhesive performance even in extreme environment.

1.Detect the substrate of object to adhere and the environmental condition (temperature, humidity and water content);

2.Fully stir after opening the bucket and take out the volume needed; seal and store the product in the original package;

3.Brush with a hairbrush or roller;

4.Place the adhered object under a weight (or pressing equipment) for even compression for 1-8 hours;

5.Clear the excessive adhesive and the product remaining on the tools.

1. Clear the surfaces of the adhered object and other contaminated articles to maintain them clean and dry;

2. Evenly apply the adhesive on one surface or two surfaces of the adhered object, glue within 10 min and wipe off excessive adhesive with a wet cloth;

3. Evenly press with a weight for 1 hour after adhesion, so as to achieve full adhesion without rake angle.

4L: 4 buckets/box, 880 boxes/container

10 L: 1,860 buckets (nine layers)/container

18L: 1,000 buckets (six layers)/container