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Wood Veneer Glue

The glue is made from modified resin (PVA/VAC/BA) and various auxiliaries by the most scientifically advanced synthetic technology, and applies to the pasting of various panels (fiberboard, plywood, composite board and melamine polyester panel) and wood veneer above 0.3mm thick. It is an ideal adhesive for the manufacture of panel-type furniture and office facilities and interior decoration, and can be applied manually or by machine.

Lasting internal plasticity and flexibility;

Strong adhesive strength, high resistance to water, acid and alkali, and insusceptible to ageing;

High green strength and flame resistance, no flow at 120℃ and no crack at ﹣50℃;

Non-toxic, odor-free, safe, reliable and easy to use.

Evenly apply the glue on the surface of the base material (applied manually or by machine);

Glue-spread/m2 (by machine): 80-120g; apply the glue on a single side and then immediately paste the two sides together;

Duration of pressing: Cold pressing for 1.5-2h, hot pressing for 3-5min, and then shift to the next process (pressure: 3-5kg/cm·).