wood processing fields

Laminating Adhesive

laminating adhesive is an emulsified macromolecular multi-polymer which is easy to use and imposes no pollution on either the equipment or the environment.

High adhesive strength, resistance to weathering, ageing, water and corrosion by acid and alkali, and other special functions;

Consistency of tone in joints spliced (no black line), easy to polish, no damage to the blade by the glue line, and separation of glue powder from the abrasive belt;

Short curing time and high adhesive strength (above 98% in fiber tearing rate for various hardwoods);

Resistance to high and low temperature and strong adaptability (no softening at 80℃ and no crack at ﹣50℃).

Control the moisture content of wood below 14%, maintain the smoothness of the splicing surface, and remove the wood ash and dust on the wood surface;

Apply the glue evenly with the manual glue spreader, pig hair brush or rubber scraper blade;

Control the glue-spread generally around 150g-250g/㎡(hardwood: 120g-150g/㎡; softwood: 150g-250g/㎡);

Join the work pieces immediately after applying the glue, so as to prevent a film from forming on the surface and avoid inadequate splicing which may result in delamination.