Architectural fields

White Latex

Polymerized by vinyl acetate monomer with advanced technology and special formula, the polymer emulsion is applicable to stickers, wallpaper and the bonding of various thin wood and plywood with the fixation of pneumatic nails. It also can be used as additive for wall scraping with combined double effects. Using Carpoly’s unique water based emulsion technology and original environmentally friendly formula, it is completely soluble in water without any impurities. It is formaldehyde-free and fresh.

It is widely used in indoor and outdoor decorations. It is applicable to bond various thin materials (wood, lines, fiberboard, plywood, decorative plates, etc.), wallpaper and wood grain paper. It can also be added into putty powder as a wall treatment additive to formulate high-quality wall putty, providing smooth, warping-free and sagging-free scraping. It can also be used to bond paper products, textiles in dyeing process, furniture making, paper processing, unsewn binding and leather bonding.

Applicable to bond various thin plates with its special formula;
High purity and strong adhesion, completely solving scraping problem of wall surface
Formaldehyde-free, environmentally friendly and safe

Clean two surfaces of adherend to keep them clean, dry, free of oil stain or other contaminants;

Apply the adhesive solution uniformly on the single surface or two surfaces of adherend and bond it within 10 minutes, wipe excess glue with a piece of wet cloth;

To achieve optimum adhesive strength of adherend, exerting pressure with heavy objects for one hour after the adhesive surfaces are fully bonding. It is recommended to carry out secondary reinforcement with pneumatic nail to strengthen the bonding effect;

It can be directly diluted with water if the adhesive solution is too thick. Diluted adhesive solution should be used up as soon as possible and avoid storage for a long time;

Appropriately select application tools according to application conditions. Apply by brushes, scrapers or rollers, or spray after dilution;

It can be added to the Shuangfei powder or putty powder in proportion as a wall plaster additive to formulate smooth, warping-free and excellent putty products.

Maintain good ventilation at application area, to ensure good bonding efficiency and effect;

Moisture content of wood should be controlled at about 8-15% when bonding wood, too high or too low moisture content will affect the bonding effect;

The application temperature is preferably higher than 5℃ to avoid problems such as too low drying speed;

It is not allowed to mix with strong acids, alkalis or organic solvents, or to store in copper containers to avoid demulsification;

The product is water based and non-toxic emulsion, but has slight stimulation to skin and mucus membrane. Avoid contacting with the skin for a long time. Clean with water after application. If swallowed accidentally, immediately seek medical treatment;

Please seal up after use.