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Joint Agent

It is manufactured with chopped carbon fiber which has strong mechanical properties, together with advanced film technology. With light weight, high strength, high rigidity, strong adhesion and good flexibility, it can provide powerful crack-resistant effect. Formaldehyde-free formula brings fresh and clean smell. Specially added emery ingredients, this product have better accumulation performance, free of sagging and color penetration. It is dense and tough after application, protecting joint positions securely.

It is applicable to easy-to-crack positions in indoor and outdoor decoration, mainly used for crack-resistant bonding of plywood and gypsum board, crack-resistant filling of ceiling joints. It has extremely strong crack-resistant effect on the joints with the same or different materials such as wood, masonry, gypsum board and calcium silicate board. It can also be used to repair joints in concrete walls and slabs.

Forms mesh molecular structure after curing, extremely crack-resistant;

Formaldehyde-free, fresh, safe and healthy

Stable performable, fast drying speed and high application efficiency.

Free of dust or loosing on substrate;

Clean the two surfaces of adherend, make them clean, dry, free of oil or other contaminants;

Mix the main agent (component A) and curing agent (component B) in proportion, then directly scrape it into the joints until it is flat;

If joints are too small, use blades or other tools to cut a 2-5mm V-gap to ensure the full embedding of joint agent and avoid virtual connect. Scrap this product for several times till the powder on the surface fully integrates with this product, which can ensure the strength of joints after application;

3-4 hours for touch dry and the optimum joint effect can be achieved after 24 hours;

Avoid twisting or exerting strong pressure on the bonding surface before hard dry on order to prevent deformation or distortion after application.

Fully stir the two components before mixing. Uniformly mixed components will bring a better filling adhesion. Formulate the component in proportion and seal it up after use;

When used for bonding of unknown substrates, please test a small amount to ensure that the adhesive conforms to the standard, and then use it in large area;

Unformulated joint agent should be sealed immediately after the can is opened, formulated joint agent should be used up within 30-50 minutes without adding solvents or fillers of other brands;

Next process should be done after the hard dry.