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Tile Adhesive

It is a kind of new polymer modified tile adhesive with thin-layer application method and convenient application. It is time-saving because there is no need to pre-soak tiles.

It is applicable to paste common tiles, ceramic mosaic and small natural stone on indoor or outdoor concrete, plaster substrates and brick wall surfaces.

Excellent anti-sagging performance;

Environmentally friendly and non-toxic;

Excellent water resistance and anti-aging property.

The substrate should be dry, clean, stable, free of oil stain, wax stains, concrete curing agent or other loose materials;

The substrate should have certain surface strength, basic flatness and verticality;

Add water into the container, and then add the tile adhesive powder in proportion (powder: water=1:0.22-0.24), then stir the mixture with an electric mixer without plaster lumps .It can be applied when the adhesive stand still for 5-10 minutes and stir again;

Apply the adhesive on the working surface with a serrated squeegee (the flatness of working surface and convex-concave of tile back depend on the size of squeegee), adjust the angle between squeegee and working surface to control the thickness of adhesive. In this way, the adhesive can disperse evenly and form strip. Apply about 1 square meter each time and press the tile within 10-15 minutes in a soft manner;

If tile back has deep gaps or tiles are quite large and heavy, it is best to apply adhesive on both sides of working surface and match up with tile adhesive additive.

The application temperature should be 5-35℃. Formulated mortar should be used up within 2 hours. It is not allowed to use dry mortar by adding water;

Don’t add water or other materials to this product during use. Read the description of application carefully before application to get reliable and satisfactory effect;

When apply in rainy days, shielding and protecting measures should be taken and it should be ensured that the application area should not be wetted by rain water within 24 hours after bonding tiles. Please take appropriate protective measures (such as wearing gloves) during application;

This product should be sealed and stored in a ventilated and dry room to avoid exposing to moisture.