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PVC toys, household products and spools.

soft and rigid PVC, PC and some processed PET, wood, artificial leather and paper.

1. Glossy (Figure)
2. Overlapping Resistance (Figure)
3. Excellent Printability (Figure)
4. Alcohol Resistance (Figure)
5. Environmental-friendly and Aromatic (Figure)
6. Colorful (Figure)

a. Before use, stir the printing ink to prevent the special effect auxiliary added in the printing ink from segregating;
b. Remove the oil stain and dust on the surface of substrate before printing;
c. Reasonably select fast, medium or slow thinner to make adjustments as required by the actual working environment;
d. Avoid overlaying or use parting paper for isolation when printing PVC;
e. Please consider the effect of solvent on the substrate when selecting 783 or cyclohexanone for dilution in printing soft PVC.

a. Trial printing must be done before printing to avoid inconsistent quality caused by different substrate types;
b. When printing soft PVC color ink, select or control the dosage based on the characteristics of ink in each color;
c. The amount of thinner can be adjusted as required to meet different requirements for screen mesh, ambient conditions, printing results and ink viscosity.

a. Please completely seal the ink container and keep it at a cool and ventilated place. Avoid exposure to open flame or heat;
b. Please store it at temperatures of 5℃-25℃ and avoid exposure to glare or strong acid/alkali

The shelf life of this series of products is 1 year since the production date, their usability shall be reconfirmed if the shelf life expires.

The test data above represents our test results under certain test conditions and not listed as guaranteed values. Please conduct tests in use according to actual situation and begin mass production only after it is confirmed that the customer's requirements can be met.