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microwave ovens, electronic scales, decorative sliding doors and cabinets.

ordinary glass, tempered glass, ceramics and some plated surfaces.

Glossy (Figure)
Two-Component (Figure)
High Opacity (Figure)
Good Water Resistance (Figure)
Solvent Resistance (Figure)
Colorful (Figure)
Environmental-friendly and Aromatic (Figure)

a.This series of ink shall be used with C-72-900H curing agent which dosage is 10%-12%;
b.Blend and stir the base, curing agent and thinner and place the mixture for 5-10 minutes for curing.
c.Remove the oil stain and dust on the surface of substrate before printing;
d.Reasonably select our fast, medium or slow thinner as required by the actual working environment;
e.To achieve excellent printing effects of fine lines, patterns and text, our OMG-111 slow-curing paste may be added to better avoid diffusion, burrs and blurring of printing ink.

a.The recommended baking temperature and time are 180℃ and 8 min, respectively;
b.In multilayer overprinting, 130℃·8min surface dry could be done for the initial bottom and medium layers and 180℃·8min curing could be done for the last layer;
c.The ink mixed with curing agent at 25℃ can be used for 4 hours.

a.Please completely seal the ink container and keep it at a cool and ventilated place. Avoid exposure to open flames or heat;
b.Please store it at temperatures of 5℃-25℃ and avoid exposure to glare or strong acid/alkali.

The shelf life of this series of products is 12 months since the production date, their usability shall be reconfirmed if the shelf life expires

The test data above represents our test results under certain test conditions and not listed as guaranteed values. Please conduct tests in use according to actual situation and begin mass production only after it is confirmed that the customer's requirements can be met.