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Screen Washing Agent


cleaning of printing screen and printed circuit board.


cleaning of printing screen and printed circuit board.


1. Rapid permeability to gauze and strong cleaning and mesh opening capacity to screen printing ink;
2. Making the printed patterns clear and bright, free of corrosion to printing plate and improved printing environment.

c. For dried screen mesh, washing while wiping can be done till it is clean;
d. Where the ink is found to block the mesh during the printing process, scrape excess ink on the mesh with a squeegee and wipe the mesh clean with a washing paper towel or dustless paper soaked with screen washing agent, then the printing could be continued

g. Avoid exposure to light, strong oxidant, strong reducer, strong alkali, aluminum and magnesium;
h. The operators shall wear antistatic workwear and benzene and oil resistant gloves;
i. Special protection is generally not required for eyes and protective glasses may be worn in high concentration exposure;
j. In case of inadvertent contact with skin, please take off the polluted clothes and wash skin thoroughly with soap water and clean water and see the doctor immediately;
k. In case of inadvertent contact with eyes, please lift the eyelid and flush with flowing clean water or normal saline, then see the doctor immediately;
l. In case of inadvertent ingestion, induce vomiting by drinking enough warm water and see the doctor immediately.

e. Please keep it at a cool and ventilated storage room, avoid exposure to direct sunlight and keep it away from fire and heat;
f. The packaging shall be sealed, and store separately with oxidants and acids.
g. Explosion-proof type lighting and ventilation facilities shall be used in the storage room and appropriate types and quantity of fire equipment shall be equipped. Machinery and tools which are prone to produce sparks are forbidden to use;
h. Please handle gently to avoid damaging the packaging or container.

The shelf life of this series of products is 12 months since the production date, their usability shall be reconfirmed if the shelf life expires.

colorless transparent liquid prepared with surfactant, organic solvent and additives.