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mainly used as the thinner of screen printing ink.

1.Strong dissolving capacity;
2.High boiling point, even materials having different properties from this product can also be dissolved.
3.Stable physical and chemical properties;
4.Excellent leveling property.

h.Enhance the ventilation and forbid smoking in the workplace;
i.Operators must be trained to strictly follow the operation procedures. Operators are recommended to wear non-powered air-purifying respirators (half mask), chemical safety protection glasses, workwear and rubber gloves;
j.Keep it away from fire and heat and use anti-burst ventilation system and equipment;
k.Minimize the steam leakage into the air of workplace;
l.Avoid exposure to oxidants;
m.The flow rate shall not be over 5m/s during filling and grounding device shall be available to avoid accumulation of static electricity. Handle gently when consigning for shipment to avoid damaging the packaging and container;
n.Equip appropriate types and quantity of fire equipment and leakage emergency equipment.

f.Keep it at a cool and ventilated storage room and away from fire and heat;
g.The temperature of storage room shall not exceed 35℃;
h.Keep the container sealed and store it separately with oxidants and food chemicals. Mixing storage shall be avoid;
i.Use explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities. Machinery and tools which are prone to produce sparks must not be used;
j.·Leakage emergency equipment and appropriate holding materials shall be available in the storage area.

The shelf life of this series of products is 24 months since the production date, their usability shall be reconfirmed if the shelf life expires.

Ketone solvent, transparent liquid.