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Jialijia Powerful Crack-resistance Joint Tape

Manufactured with imported long fiber raw wood pulp, Carpoly Jialijia powerful joint tape has strong and staggered fibers, uniform and flexible texture and high tensile strength.  The double faces of tape adopt special roughening process, which provides superior adhesion during bonding process. There are 6 rows of pinholes in the tape, which ensure better air permeability and no bulge during application. With the center line design, the tape is easier to fold accurately, and more convenient to construct the internal and external angles.

It is applicable to the treatment of plane joints and internal angle joints in wall partition system, ceiling system and veneer wall system composed of thistle board and Aitken board.

1、Raw wood pulp paper provides strong, staggered fiber and high tensile strength
2、Double-faced roughening provides tighter fit and superior adhesion
3、6 rows of air pinholes and 1middle polyline make application easier

1、Clean both sides of the joint with a large brush or a spatula. Apply caulking mastic about 100mm-wide by flow coating at both sides of the joint with a filleting knife, as a substrate.
2、Press the joint tape into the caulking mastic substrate with a spatula (fold the joint tape during application of internal angle),flat with the spatula, and then apply another scrap coating on the caulking tape surface after squeezing the air bubbles;
3、When caulking mastic is completely hardened, scrape one or two coats of caulking mastic with width of around 150mm on the surface;
4、Sand and level with a piece of abrasive paper when the second layer of caulking mastic is completely dried.

1、Carpoly Jialijia powerful crack-resistant joint paper tape can be used without soaking in water;
2、It has a better performance when use with caulking mastic;
3、Glue can be used to bond the joints.