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Water-resistant Putty for Interior Walls

Carpoly water-resistant putty powder for interior walls is the second generation shaving putty power, which is developed by the Carpoly group recently. It is a high-quality water-resistant material for wall leveling. The putty has many distinct advantages such as firmly bond to substrate, strong adhesion, good crack resistance, high whiteness after coating the walls, fine texture, water-resistance, mould-resistance and chalking resistance. It can be used after mixing and stirring with smooth scraping. Meanwhile it is easy to polish and apply.

The water-resistant putty is widely used for interior walls of buildings, such as concrete walls, cement mortar walls, gypsum boards, etc. It can also be used for scrap-coating and leveling of covering decorations and ceilings.

1、Firmly bond to substrate, and adhere firmly
2、White and fine, good filling ability and crack resistance
3、Water- and mould-resistance, chalking resistance and smooth scraping

1、The substrate should be firm, free of floating dust or dirt, with the moisture content lower than 10%. It should be cleared in advance if there is any grease and residual peeling paint.
2、Add the Carpoly water-resistant putty powder for interior walls to an appropriate amount of clean water according to the weight ratio of putty: water = 1:0.38. During addition, slowly stir the mixture with the portable electric mixer until it becomes even without particles. Stand the mixture still for 10 minutes (30 minutes in winter) and then stir it again for use;
3、Scrap two to three layers with a spatula according to the degree of substrate smoothness. Perform surface leveling, fixing and pressing each layer. After scraping each layer, polishing the surface in time with a fine abrasive paper according to the curing conditions, and then removes the float putty and spots. Finally clean the wall surface. The application interval between layers should be shorter than five days.

1、The stirred mortar should be used up within two hours. The dried mortar cannot be used again by adding water or mixed with other leveling materials.
2、Due to high strength, the putty should be leveled with a squeegee in the damp-dry state.
3、Keep the product away from children. If it contact with eyes, immediately rinse with clean water and see a doctor as soon as possible.