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Kelijia Cooked Adhesive Powder

Carpoly Kelijia cooked adhesive powder (wall treatment additives) is manufactured with the selected high-quality potato starch and new instant process. It has good application performance, strong instant property and good dispersion; with new formula and large adhesive output volume, the performance of cooked adhesive powder is better than that of 108 adhesive or cellulose when it is dissolved. Strong adhesion technology provides strong, smooth and crack-free adhesion; it is an eco-product with health, environmental protection, strong water retention and mildew-free properties. It provides smooth, delicate, solid, flat substrate for various wall decorative materials such as further application coatings, paints and wallpaper. It saves time, labor and paint consumption. Therefore, it is an ideal product for wall surface treatment.

Additives which will improve the performance of cement and mortar for scraping
1、Used as concrete wall putty after adding putty powder,· which make wall smooth, crack-free during dry weather and mildew-free during moist weather (adding a little white latex will have better varnish effect);
2、Adding cement will increase the adhesion during repair works;
3、Can use as tile gypsum board adhesive by adding cement, which can increase adhesion;
4、Can use as crack filler of gypsum board and plywood by adding putty powder or gypsum powder, which can avoid joint crack;
5、Improve mortar stability which can be the same within three days. Good mortar fluidity, easy to apply;
6、Provides good water resistance, low shrinkage and crack-free property to walls

1、Strong instant property and good dispersion
2、Large adhesive output volume and strong adhesion
3、Mildew-free, smooth and crack-free
4、Natural, green and environmentally friendly

1、Add Carpoly cooked adhesive powder into clean water with the ratio of cooked adhesive powder, water and limestone 1:35-40:100 (by weight), continuously stir for 20-25 minutes;
2、Add putty powder and stir it evenly to form excellent grounding mortar for wall scraping;
3、Scraping wall with cooked adhesive powder provides smoother wall surface, and cleaner, more convenient and easier wallpaper or paint application in the future.

1、Scrap twice for wall substrate with theoretical coverage of 0.8 kg/㎡cooked adhesive powder solution (varies from the flatness of wall surface);
2、Trowel the scrape marks before it is completely dry after scraping with a squeegee. The wall surface will be smoother and solider as time went by, and it can be polished by a piece of sandpaper;
3、When application temperature is higher than 6℃, please use up the mixed mortar within 3 days.