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Leveling Water-based Putty

Inheriting Carpoly's exclusive water based paint production technology, Carpoly Leveling Water Based Putty is manufactured with high-quality raw material and designed for substrate filling of white paint, gray paint and various colored paints. It is also applicable to the substrate primer of various opaque paints. With water-based, environmentally friendly, simple application and strong adhesion properties, it is widely used for wooden boards, MDFs, gypsum boards and other kinds of composites. It can also prevent bubbling, cracking or shelling on paint surfaces caused by inadequate hardness tension and insufficient adhesion of underlying material or wetting wood.

With high viscosity and strong adhesion, it is applicable to the bonding of various wood, solid wood, fiber boards and decorative boards in indoor and outdoor decoration. It can also be added into putty powder as a wall treatment additive to formulate high-quality wall putty, providing smooth, warping-free and sagging-free scraping. It can also be used to bond paper products and textiles in dyeing process, furniture construction, paper processing, unsewn binding and leather bonding.

1、Water-based, environmentally friendly, waterproof and moisture-proof, solid and durable
2、Smooth scraping, fast drying, easy to polish and apply
3、Good adhesion, high rigidity and excellent tenacity

1、Clean the substrate surface to make it clean, dry, and free of oil stain or dust. Make sure the nail holes and joints are clean completely;
2、Before scraping, slightly polish the surface with a piece of 280-400# abrasive paper, so as to improve the adhesion of putty; use a clean and lint-free cotton cloth or pressure pump to clean up the putty and then conduct scraping;
3、Fully stir this product and evenly scrap it at one direction. If nail holes is quite deep during scraping, the scraping force can be increased to ensure the full accumulation of putty and the nail holes without collapse site;
4、In multi-channel putty scraping occasions, partial pit filling should be done first, then apply general scrap and thinner (also called finishing);
5、Thickness of scrap coating should be maintained that the wood grain is visible before spray coating, which can effectively prevent cracking and peeling. (The underlying material cannot brush primer; otherwise the effect is not great. please polish with a piece of abrasive paper if the primer has been coated).

1、Please completely clean the oil stain, nailing rust, old paint and water on the surface before application. Do not touch the substrate by hands before scraping to avoid bulging, which is caused by substrate pollution or decreased adhesion;
2、Ensure that the product has been stirred evenly before application and the container must be closed and stored at a cool and ventilated place;
3、This product is easy to operate, use and grind (this product requires dry grinding only, 1-2 hours for touch dry and 6-10 hours for hard dry at room temperature);
4、In multi-channel putty scraping occasions, slightly polish and wipe the putty when the putty is cured to a certain degree, and then apply the next scraping coat;
5、Application should be done when temperature is above 8℃ and humidity is less than 85%.