Grinding series

Grinding Series – Ultra-Coating Dry Abrasive Paper

Carpoly ultra-coating dry abrasive paper is made from advanced latex kraft and high-quality aluminum abrasive. With the special anti-blocking and heat dissipation coating on the surface, it is used for the grinding and polishing of a variety of wall surface, wood furniture and metal surface.

It is widely apply to the systemic grinding of the surfaces such as walls, wood, metal, etc. It can be used for concrete surface finishing, putty leveling, roughening, polishing and repairing of wall primer or top coat; meanwhile, it can be used for cleaning and dressing of wooden eyes or burrs of wood, as well as polishing of primer and top coat after application. At last, it can be used for the grinding of putty and metal surfaces during vehicle repair session.

1、Selected high-quality abrasive filler can offer super cutting force and more efficient sanding
2、Electrostatic sand-planting process arrays abrasive filler in a close, more uniform and delicate way
3、Through the advanced waterproof treatment, the texture is more durable when water grinding

1、Carpoly Big Black Shark waterproof abrasive paper can be applied directly, or cut into various suitable shapes. It should be used with sanders like sand frame to meet varied application demands;
2、Select appropriate abrasive paper according to the requirement of actual application. The grain size of abrasive paper should follow the principle from coarse to fine. When grinding, low mesh abrasive paper should be used first for coarse grinding, and then followed by high mesh abrasive paper for fine grinding;
3、Dry grinding process: hold the abrasive paper or sand frame to make the plane of abrasive paper parallel with wall surface or material which will be polished, uniformly grind back and forth in the direction parallel with the surface after exerting a certain pressure, till achieving the desired effect;
4、Water grinding process: immerse the material which will be polished in water or shower the surface with flowing water, uniformly grind back and forth by holding abrasive paper or sand frame with appropriate force, till achieving the desired effect; Water grinding can prevent dust, reduces block and heat during the process of grinding, improve the quality of the surface of work piece and extend the life of abrasive paper;
5、Clean the ground surface, sweep off the polished ash with a large brush or clean the ground surface with water.

1、Use the grinding tools according to the usage and safety regulation. Avoid damaging the polished work pieces which are caused by improper application, and then affect application schedule;
2、Wear appropriate personal protective equipment to avoid health damage when using electric grinding machine and ventilation cabinet.