Tool series

Breathing Fiber Rollers

Carpoly Breathing Fiber Roller (Anti-sagging Wool Roller for Flow Coating, Roller for Supple and Excellent Coating, emulating Wool Roller for Excellent Coating, General roller for Interior and Exterior Walls with strong abrasion proof) can easily absorb and release paint because of special hollow treatment of central plush fiber and therefore, it is called breathing fiber. It is applicable to large-area brush coating because it can absorb and release large volume of paint easily and naturally like breathing. Manufactured and refined from mercerization process, it is easy to clean, lint-free, durable, corrosion resistant, and applicable to various water based or oil based paints; Adopted European single bearing design, the brush handle scrolls smoothly and free of resistance during application. The design of the handle conforms to human engineering mechanics. The additional universal slot can stably install telescopic link to facilitate the application in areas like ceiling. With excellent material, sophisticated technically and appropriate design, it is a necessity in the process of decoration.

1、·Clean the surface. Sweep the surface of roller with hand first to remove the “floating hair” on it, and then set on the bracket.
2、·Infiltrate the roller. Soak the roller in the paint which will be used and roll it on the otter board for several times, so that the roller can adapt to the paint.
3、·Dip appropriate amount of paint. Fully infiltrate the roller in the paint, brush it on the otter board for several times to uniformly disperse the paint evenly.
4、·Roll evenly. Roll in W shape for the first time and then uniformly brush the surface from top to bottom and from left to right.
5、·Clean thoroughly. It should be thoroughly cleaned and dried in the air after use. If use repeatedly within a short period, please don’t dry the brush head completely.

Anti-sagging wool roller for flow coating (9mm-high wool) :
It is a short-haired roller which is applicable to various smooth surfaces such as concrete walls with scraped putty, cement walls, wood boards and asbestos plate. Meanwhile, it is applicable to the application of wall surface top coat which has high requirement for flatness. It is inapplicable to application of outdoor rough substrate.

Emulating wool roller for excellent coating (8mm-high wool):
With highly emulating wood fiber, hollow bristles, large paint absorbing amount and high moisturizing property, it is applicable to wall surface which has been applied the primer, and other smooth surfaces such as lime walls, wood planks and asbestos plates.

Roller for supple and excellent coating (11mm-high wool):
It has smaller resistance during application. With the selected supple silk fabric and special flocking process, it is applicable to brush city general flat surfaces and outdoor wall surfaces which have high efficiency requirement. After application, the wall texture is nature, subtle and smooth just as skin.

Strong wear resistant General roller for interior or exterior walls (12mm-high wool):
This product applies to both interior and exterior walls. With abrasive resistance, corrosion resistance, new textile technology, large paint absorbing amount and high application efficiency, it is applicable to brush various flat surfaces. As one of the most widely used products, it can also be used for brushing other substrates.