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Wall Brush In Wood Experts, Wall Experts Series

Carpoly Wood Brush in Wood Experts, Wall Experts series is manufactured with excellent wool. The wool doesn’t have treatment of chemical agents except single boiling, which retains the complete internal structure and hair medulla without any damage. The wool after single boiling has soft, smooth, natural texture, good elasticity and excellent hand feeling. The wool is long, delicate and tough, which can absorb paint fully and apply paint uniformly with subtle brush coating marks and excellent coating effect. With expert level and high-quality, Carpoly Wall Brush in Wood Experts and Wall Experts are the necessities for high-grade decoration.

Smooth, soft and lint-free when brushing paint
Free of bubbles or brush marks
Comfortable handle and excellent applicability

It can be used for dedusting of antique, conservation of rare wood, brush coating of luxury furniture, indoor wood products and wall surfaces which have high decoration requirement.

Remove the “remaining hair” and dust on the brush and stroke the brush hair by hands.
Soak the brush in thinner which matches the paint, so that the brush can adapt the thinner.
Absorb about 2/3 paint, squeeze the air in the brush and brush on the paper for several times, so that the brush can adapt to the thinner.
Apply from top to bottom, and then from left to right, disperse the surface paint evenly and after that, apply from top to bottom again.

It is applicable to brush wood or wall surface. It is recommended to brush outdoor or rough substrate;
It is applicable to oil-based or water-based paints which have low viscosity. But it is not applicable to products with high viscosity such as alkyd paint and all-purpose adhesive.
Avoid soaking it in thinner or exposing it to sunshine for a long time, which will affect the brushing effect.