Tool series

Spray gun

With advanced atomization technology, Carpoly spray guns can present perfect coating result under any weather conditions. The fine atomization and high spraying quality can show the performance and advantages of paint products fully. The product is made of high strength alloy materials which are light and durable. The enhanced ergonomic design brings comfortable feeling and shows excellent controllability and balance. The trigger operates smoothly and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Spray gun movement speed
If the movement of manual spray gun is too fast, the surface coating of the sprayed object will be thin, and has poor leveling property;
If the movement of manual spray gun is too slow, it will easily result in sagging.
The optimal movement speed of the spray gun will result in a full, uniform and wet surface coating of the sprayed object after spraying.

Control trigger
The deeper the trigger is pulled, the larger the liquid flow rate is. In order to avoid the accumulation of the paint at the end of the spraying, the trigger should be relaxed slightly to reduce the supply of paint.

Orientation of the gun to the substrate surface
The spray gun should remain perpendicular to the substrate surface. A little skew of the gun will certainly cause that the spraying towards one side and the other side looks skinny and lacks of paint, which most likely to result in striated coating.

Interval between the gun and the substrate surface 
Small interval may cause sagging and large interval may cause dry spray and excessive spray, resulting in poor paint leveling property.  

Hold gun
The palm, thumb, little finger and ring finger are used to hold the gun, while the middle finger and forefinger are used to pull the trigger. Change the way of holding the gun from time to time and only use the thumb and palm with the little finger; or use the middle finger and forefinger to pull the trigger and hold the gun with the ring finger to relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency.