Protection series

Protection Series–professional Spray Shielding Film

Made of high-crystalline and non-extremely hot thermoplastic HDPE material, the film is featured by strong weather resistance, stable chemical performance, high corrosion resistance, such as oxidizing agent, arene and chlorinated hydrocarbons. With good insulation performance, stream blocking properties, high dielectric strength, it does not absorb moisture and it is impermeable to water and oil. Therefore it can be perfectly bonded to Carpoly masking tape. As an indispensable tool for spraying, this product is characterized by excellent tensile property, tear resistance and strong blocking. It is widely used in the shielding of each step in any environment of interior and exterior decoration and can play a protective and covering role.

1、Cut out shielding film product in appropriate size and shape according to the area and shape of the objects, work pieces and wall surface which will be shielded;
2、Paste the masking tape at one side or edge of the shielding film (the effect is better when used with Carpoly masking tape and gummed paper tape);
3、Affix the shielding film which is pasted with the masking tape to the pasted object, then smooth gently and stick it tightly;
4、It is also applicable to PE paint application to form a smooth and stable paint film.

It is applicable to the protective shielding in a variety of climates, such as wall surface shielding, furniture shielding and wood door shielding and can also be used with the masking tape in the color register and separation process. The product also applies to the simple packaging of finished products, such as finished doors, door pockets, suspended ceilings and other products.

1、The product cannot contact with open fire to prevent burning. The product cannot be placed near heat source for a long time to prevent rapid aging which will affect the application effect;
2、The sharp tool cannot plunge into the shielding film roll to avoid shielding failure caused by film damage.