Protection series

Coating Series–masking Tape Masking Tape

The masking tape adopts the luxury imported base paper. With soft and dense paper, high tensile strength, smooth and clear paper texture, it has uniform thickness and excellent quality. The adhesive surface is coated with special slow curing pressure-sensitive adhesive with strong initial sticky force and fast speed. It not only can maintain bondable for a long time, but also prevents the wall surface from being damaged or leaving adhesive residue when stripped. With good workability, smooth and stable sticking, clear and a bright boundary, the product has obvious color separation effect and arc art effect. It is widely used in shielding, color separation and the protection of the surrounding areas during coating application. This product is the escort of your decoration.

1、Coated with slow curing pressure-sensitive adhesive with fast initial bonding speed and large force
2、Maintain bonding for a long time and easy to peel without leaving adhesive residue
3、Clear and bright boundaries and obvious color separation effect

It is applicable to the spraying of interior decoration, wood ware and household appliances, as well as the shielding, color separation and other processes in the spraying of high-level luxury car at room temperature. It is also applicable to binding, fixation, packaging and cotton velvet cleaning of the light objects.

1、Substrate treatment: clean both surfaces of the adherend, so that the surfaces are clean and dry without oil stains, dust or other contaminants;
2、Paste: pull out 8 to 10cm of the marking tape, hold the marking tape roll and straighten the tape tightly along the adherend; affix one side of the straightened marking tape to the paste area, gradually smooth by hand while maintaining tight condition; finally, slide and gently press the marking tape to ensure firm paste;
3、Strip: strip the marking tape from one side and slowly tear the tape at a 45 degree angle with the wall to reduce the possibility of paint peeling. If part of the masking tape is covered by the paint film, rip the junction between the masking tape and the paint film with a putty knife or other useful knife before tearing the masking tape and then strip.

1、The masking tape should be pasted tightly to avoid overflowing paint caused by paint permeation or paint spots caused by excessive accumulation;
2、Avoid using masking tape in harsh environment, such as high temperature, high humidity and extremely cold condition, in order not to affect bonding due to deterioration of pressure sensitive adhesive;
3、This tape cannot be used for sealing and packaging of the corrugated paper.