We focus on environmental protection to make the most significant changes for sustainable development.

 Promotion of water-based products

In 1999, Carpoly established a water-based wood paint R&D team, which was devoted to making technological breakthroughs. In 2006, Carpoly built the largest automatic production line for water-based wood paint in Asia, with an annual production capacity of 10,000t.


 Clean production

In 2008, the Environmental Protection Department (Hong Kong) elected Carpoly as a finalist for its "Clean Production Partnership Program" because of the "Recycle and Reuse of Waste Acetone in Emulsion Workshop by New Technologies". By means of recycling waste gas and water containing acetone, raw material consumption, VOC and waste water in the production process were reduced. As of 2012, the project had reduced waste water and acetone discharge by 800,000kg and 1,700t respectively, and acetone waste gas emission by 160,000kg.


 13 responsible care

Responsible care is a self-disciplinary management system widely adopted in the international chemical industry. It is a new developmental concept adopted by chemical enterprises with the purpose of caring for both employees and the society as well as building corporate images. In 2009, Carpoly cooperated with BASF in launching the "1 3" responsible care program, extended and innovated the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) concept. Namely, one enterprise will mobilize three enterprises in the supply chain (e.g. a supplier, a logistics service supplier and a client) to jointly fulfill their social responsibilities. It includes but not limited to endeavors in environment, health & safety management, investments in developing a responsible and efficient supply chain as well as building the most competitive team in the industry to realize sustainable development on a larger scale.