Strategic Objective

Explore the world through paint

We have never stopped exploration, which has led Carpoly from a humble business in 1999 to a leading Chinese paint manufacturer ranking among the top 50 paint suppliers worldwide. We are trusted and chosen by millions of families, furniture factories and franchisers. Our products are widely applied on furniture surfaces, toys, floor, wall or other backgrounds: endowing them with color, texture and gloss; protecting them against sunshine, humidity or pollution. In a word, the objects that are applied with our products really stand the test of time.


We love this world where we live, with curiosity and passion. We share with people our joy to decorate and pride to protect it. So, we will never stop exploration.


We explore this world not only through colors, textures and glosses, but also through deep concerns to environment and to health. We look for, not only touches of brushes or rollers, but also contacts of human beings. We believe this world will become better once we trust each other.


Now, we are going to more places and share with more people.