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Striving to build Carpoly into a first-rate domestic paint and coating solution brand with world view.

Carpoly is always ready to provide more environmentally-friendly, professional, high quality and good cost performance coating products, service and overall painting solutions

We at Carpoly are striving to create sustainable values for its employees, shareholders and partners; we at Carpoly are dedicated to building our home and our country more beautiful and prosperous.

Our Core Values
Virtue speaks louder than resourcefulness.

We at Carpoly attain the people’s trust by serving communities and society with high quality paint products, gain our employees’ support by reasonable and fair returns and remuneration, cooperate with our suppliers in equal and mutual-benefit principle and guarantee a sooth supply, attain market support by focusing on interests at sales networks, and share interests and benefits with our customers, partners and employees based on co-development and growth.

We at Carpoly put integrity first, attain the people’s trust with honesty. We always keep our promise and be resolute in deed. At Carpoly, integrity is our name card and the cornerstone for our circular growth and development.

Dedication and expert speaks louder than lucky chance

We at Carpoly hold high the principle of achieving long-term success through professional way instead of focusing on short-term victory upon lucky chance. Since inception over years, we are dedicated to the paint and coating business and long-term growth and development.

At Carpoly, we always requires our employees and strategic partners to be able to undertake the task alone and become experts in their respective fields besides being dedicated to the research, production and sales in the paint and coating industry. We always believe that long-term success is achieved upon dedication and profession, and our circular growth and development is guaranteed by our efforts to attain communities’ and customers’ trust and confidence.

Where our gains come, where we return the benefits

This principle includes three aspects: firstly, to provide high quality paint products for communities, secondly, to provide career opportunity and excellent working environment for our employees and to pay tax and duty to the local places where our businesses located to keep social stability and development, and thirdly, be enthusiastic about public welfare.

At Carploy we promise that we are always ready to support the students who need because of poverty as long as there exists and poverty.

Striving to become the pride of China for making excellent paint.

Rooted in China with our growth with China. Since inception, we at Carpoly have embraced our vision of becoming the pride of China for making excellent paint, we’ve contributed to the development in China through our efforts and strived to add luster to China. We’ve built Carpoly into an excellent company from the very beginning as a humble carpentry paint producer. Today, We at Carpoly have become a cutting edge high-tech company integrating R&D, production and marketing, and we’ve gained ranks among the world’s top 50 paint gurus list in consecutive years with a brand value of over 22.4 billion RMB from an unknown firm.

With our vision and commission in mind, Carpoly is really worth expecting into the future!