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In May, “Modified polyurethane, epoxy series emulsion and waterborne wood coating” was listed into the 2004 National Torch Program. The “Harmless and non-toxic curing agent” was listed into the 2004 National New Products Program.

In July, the Carpoly Company was firstly listed in the “Chinese Most Valuable Brand Top 500” with the brand value of RMB579 million.

In August, the “Modified polyurethane, epoxy series emulsion and waterborne wood coating” project was listed as 2004 annual Guangdong hi-tech industrial project and provincial hi-tech industrial demonstration project.

In August, the “Carpoly National Unity Student Aid Project” was officially launched in the Great Hall of the People. The Carpoly Company firstly donated RMB4.5 million to help 3000 minority nationality primary-secondary students for completing their three years’ education.

In September, Guangdong Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd. was identified as the first batch key enterprise of “National Torch Program New Material Industry Jiangmen Base”, meanwhile, it was also approved to found the Jiangmen Engineering Technology R&D Development Center.

In November, the Carpoly “10 thousand ton annual production of high performance polymer emulsions and waterborne wood coating industrial technology” project won the bidding of Guangdong & Hong Kong key project in key areas, acquiring RMB12 million special funds supported by Guangdong government.

The Carpoly Company firstly introduced the Baby paint products in its area, namely “BB Oxygen Bar” latex paint for children use only, becoming the new benchmark similar with VOC.