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In January, in succession to year 2007 and 2008, the Carpoly was listed in the Forbes Chinese Potential Enterprises Top 100 for the third time.

In March, the Carpoly company introduced the upgrade paint for children, namely Carpoly “Happy Baby” paint for Children, which was another pole vault in the paint area of children application after introducing the “Baby Oxygen Bar” paint for children.

In April, the Carpoly Company was identified as the national hi-tech enterprise and listed in the “Jiangmen Tax Payment Enterprises Top 100” again. In the same month, the Carpoly Company won the bidding of reconstruction project of Wenchuan First Middle School which was decorated and protected by using the Carpoly coatings for all the external and internal walls.

In June, ranked No.298 with the brand value of RMB 2712 million, the Carpoly Company was successfully listed into the 2009 Chinese Most Valuable Brand Top 500 for the sixth year.

In July, the Carpoly coating was awarded with “2007-2009 Chinese Wood Industry Best Coating Finishing Award”.

In September, Sichuan Carpoly Company was founded and put into production with the annual production output of over 0.1 mt, Meantime, Shanghai Carpoly and Hebei Carpoly Company were started constructing.

In October, Hebei Carpoly Coating Co., Ltd. Marking Company was put into operation.

In December, the Carpoly Company won the intention bidding of supplying coatings for 21 Evergrande real estate properties in 9 cities and provinces of the country in 2010, holding over 50% annual purchasing quantity of the Evergrande real estate. In the same month, approved by Jiangmen Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce, the Carpoly Coating company was upgraded to “Guangdong Carpoly Chemical(Group) Co., Ltd.”, and the enterprise management model was all-round upgraded .