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In April, Shanghai Carpoly Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is founded.

In June, the 2014 “Chinese Most Valuable Top 500 Brands” list was published in Guangzhou. The Carpoly Company ranked top with the RMB12.286 billion brand value.

In July, with the sales of RMB3 billion in 2013, the Carpoly company ranked the 35th on the Global Coatings Top 50 Brands, ranked the Top 5 in the “Chinese Top Coating List”, ranked the Top 3 in civil use coating, and ranked the top in the comprehensive coating area.

In August, on the occasion of 10th anniversary for Carpoly Student Aid programme, the Carpoly Student Aid Development Seminar in addition to “ Ten year’s small love, let the love rest assured” together held by Southern Weekend and Guangdong Carpoly Student Aid Foundation was held in Beijing. There are many NGO representatives invited to speak and offer advice for the future development of Carpoly Student Aid and Chinese Civil Charities.

In August, the Carpoly Company was sole named for the “Open the Doors” program broadcasted in Jiangsu TV costing tens of millions. Meanwhile, it also held large Roadshow for “Open the Doors” program in the national tour, becoming a huge capital spending in the Carpoly brand history.

In August, the “Present Furniture Coating Waterborne Situation and Future Development Forum” , launched by Sina Household, together held by Carpoly Chemical Group Co.,Ltd. and Shenzhen Changjiang Furniture Co.,Ltd. was held in Shenzhen. There were many senior executives of famous furniture enterprises invited to attend and share their wonderful insights.

In October, Shanxi Carpoly Building Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. is founded.

In November, there were over 10 chemical experts from Sweden head office, South Asia head office, Great China, Russia and India of IKEA Furniture visiting the Carpoly head office and having a deep discussion on the future development of current furniture paint technology, quality and water based wood furniture paint.

In December, new Carpoly microfilms like Mother is Everywhere and Transforming Mother were released, which is a kind of trans-boundary marketing triggering emotion resonating of audiences, bringing fresh “Gentle” breeze for the gradually mature and increasingly fierce competition coating industry.

In December, the “Chinese Annual Brand Marketing Cases Awards” known as the “Two Sessions” in Brand area dropped the curtain in Nanchang. Relied on its influential and various brand activities in 2014, as the only awarded enterprise in the coating area, the Carpoly Company is awarded as the “2014 Influential Industry Annual Brand”.