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In January, the Carpoly Company launched the microwave infrared coupling technology and coating line. Besides, the “Water Based Furniture Coating and Drying Technology Development Forum” was also held in its head office. There were over 70 people present including Bingbing Zhang, secretary general of China National Furniture Association and other associates of furniture associate, furniture enterprises and coating enterprises around the world. The major breakthrough of the Carpoly Company in the drying technology of water based paints accelerates the waterborne transformation of Chinese furniture.

In January, the 2015 World Paint Summit was held in Miami, Florida, USA. As the only invited enterprise representing Chinese coating enterprises to speak, the Carpoly company had friendly conversations and fierce ideological collision with chairmen or CEO of global leading enterprises in coating area like PPG, AXTA, RPM, BASF, HEMPEL, TEKNOS and BERGER, etc., which makes the world know better about China and Chinese coating industry. Meanwhile, it also gained respect for China and the Carpoly Company from global leading enterprises in coating area. This is the first time that the Chinese enterprise appeared on the top stage of world coating, which means that the global influence of Chinese coating is being further enhanced.

In February, 21 award owners of “Buy Carpoly Paint, Go Saipan Island”, 4 couples award recipients and 5 staffs of Open The Doors broadcast in Jiangsu TV together took part in the beautiful journey and deep sea adventure in the American Saipan for 6 days and 4 nights, exploring and experiencing the birth and evolution of seaweed mud which is the main raw material of the seaweed mud wall paint.

In March, in the Week of Chinese International Coating held in Beijing, the coating industry media published “2015 CCR Chinese Top Coatings List” on Tu Ying Tian Xia, on which there are 542 enterprises whose annual sales in 2014 are more than RMB 20 million. The Carpoly company ranked the fifth with the annual sales of RMB3.25 billion in 2014 on the global list; as the only Chinese local enterprise ranked in the top ten, it ranked at the top in Chinese local coating list.

In June and July, cooperated with the Wonderful Life which is a celebrity reality show broadcasted in Zhejiang TV, the Carpoly company has held over 10 brand landing activities like Color Run, Riding and Making friend in a popular way in addition to “Wonderful life, let the love more assured”, enjoying the beauty with millions upon millions of families.

In September, the Carpoly Company integrated the original Business division and the independently operated marketing agency of the branch office into the three major division, namely coating for group home coating, furniture paint and engineer paint divisions. The implementation of coordinating all activities of the nation as in a chess game brings new development opportunities for the group.

In December, at the 2015 Chinese Coating Brand Award Ceremony held by 2015 Chinese Waterborne Industrial Coating Development Seminar, as one of the most awarded enterprises, the Carpoly Company was awarded as the 2015 “Chinese Art Coating Brand”, “Chinese Architecture Coating Brand”, “Chinese Wood Furniture Coating Brand”, and “Chinese Anti-corrosion Coating Brand”.

In December, “The World Brand Lab 2015 Chinese Brand Annual Award” was held in Beijing, relied on its annual “excellent market performance and brand influences”, the Carpoly Company was awarded as the “Chinese Brand Annual Award No.1”. Meanwhile, other 35 leading brands like Huawei, Haier, Suning that are active on the 2015 Chinese economy stage are also awarded.