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Environmental protection

The Carpoly company has always upheld the concept of environmental protection, continually fought for the commanding heights of innovations, repeatedly refreshed industrial standards in the R&D, production and application of green, low carbon and environmental protection coatings, realizing the effective protection to the environment, and contributing to the sustainable development of the society.

The promotion of waterborne products

Being environmental and safe, harmless to human are biggest advantages for the water based paint. Because that there are no organic solvents, toxic and acknowledged carcinogenic substances like benzene, xylene and free TDI etc. contained in the waste based paint, there will be no substances vaporized into the air to do harm to human beings. Currently, the water based paint is comprehensively popularized in Euro and American countries, thus, water based coatings will be the inevitable trend of industry and market development in China.

Cleaner production

In 2008, the Carpoly Company had been selected as the “Demonstration Project for Cleaner Production Partnership Programme” by Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department by “the new technology of recycling and reusing waste acetone in the emulsion workshop”. The recycling of waste gas and water containing acetone can reduce the consumption of raw material in production and the emission of waste water and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Till 2011, this program had helped reduce emissions of 600,000 kgs waste water, 120,000 kgs waste gas containing acetone and 1300mt acetone.

1+3 Responsible care program

Responsible care, a kind of self-discipline management system widely adopted in international chemical industry, is a new development concept of caring for staffs, caring for the society, setting up oneself image in chemical enterprises. In 2009, cooperated with German BASF, the Carpoly company started the “1+3” responsible care program, extending and innovating the concept of global enterprises’ social responsibilities. Namely, one enterprise shall lead three enterprises in its supply chain, such as a supplier, a logistic service provider and a customer. Then, they shall together fulfill social responsibilities, do well in environment, health and safety, make the supply chain be the most responsible and efficient one, and be the most competitive industrial team, realizing the enterprise’s sustainable operation and development.