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Carpoly Chemical Park covering an area of 50000 sq meters is completed at Tangxia Town in Jiangmen city, Guangdong province, P.R,China, and Xinhui Carpoly Chemical Co., Ltd. commences production.


Carpoly launches ‘China Paints VS Foreign Paints Quality PK Initiatives, challenging foreign brands in a public way.


Garners the title of China’s Top 500 Chemical Companies 2005.


Ranks among the Word Top 50 Paint company for the first time, henceforth, it is put at the list in consecutive years, ranking 33rd in 2015.
Carpoly comes to be a chemical group company, with its strategy of forming four sectors throughout China accomplished.
Carpoly signs contract with China national men's basketball team, launching “Watch Great Games for China Pride”.


Carpoly cooperates with GIMC and launches new brand philosophy of “making home to be truly beautiful with love at ease”.


Carpoly, invited as a representative from China’s paint and coating industry, holds talks with paint and coating gurus from around the world at the world paint summit meeting, it’s a paint company from China taking on the stage of world’s top coating gurus.
Carpoly is placed among China’s top 5 paint and coating gurus list for a second successive year, placed among the top 3 civil-purpose paint companies, standing at the front line of the local paint in comprehensive coating field.


Guangzhou Carpoly New Material Co.,Ltd-floor paints.
Guangdong Euroquimica Co.,Ltd-Car & Industrial paints.


Carpoly collaborates with South China University of Technology to implement Industry-Academy-Research Program through establishing Post-doctor R&D Base, Post Graduate Practice Base and Academician &Experts Workstation, aiming to upgrade the soft tech power at a faster speed.
Carpoly is engaged in the research and development of environmentally –friendly paint products and the harmless and non-toxic polyurethane curing agent it produces in 2001 is recognized to be a key project of China’s National Torch Program in 2002, bringing to an end years of zero making of domestic non-toxic polyurethane curing agent and setting a monument in the research and development of environmentally-friendly paint in Carpoly history.


Certified to be a National Free-inspection Product “, having lifting up the brand to a higher level successfully in a leapfrogging way by “triple jumps”


Becomes an excellent China local paint and coating brand, ranking among the top three domestic paint companies with sales (before tax) over 2 billion RMB.
Carpoly, a successful bidder wins bid for the construction projects of the Archery and Hockey Halls of Beijing Olympic Stadium and CCTV Building.


Wins the exclusive title sponsorship of Jiangsu Satellite TV Channel program “Sesame Opens the Door” with a huge sum of money and holds grand road show activities touring throughout China, it’s really a big deal to promote the brand in Carpoly history.


The 10th "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" list is released, among which Carpoly is listed with a brand value up to 15.035 billion RMB.
Taking over from the past and setting a new course for the future, Carpoly launches a large and important event themed as “Running for my paint life”, including activities such as color run , cycling, hiking and bubble run etc., making the event become a large Carpoly brand tour show on the end-customer market.
Paint a powerful picture of the brand with a huge sum of money, implementing ad servings at the places such as expressway, high-speed railway and air-ports in the key cities in China.
Cooperate with Zhejiang Satellite Star Show Program ”Wonderful Life”, having launched over ten events themed as “paint life full of love at ease” throughout China, enabling millions of families share paint life and love with Carpoly brand..


Anhui Carpoly Co.,Ltd is equipped with annual production capacity of 500000 ton for mastic paint,emulsion paint,stone-like paint and power paint.
The total investment reaches 1.26 billion RMB.The new plant is estimated be completed and put into production in 2021.