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Technology R&D is the driving force of the sustainable development at Carpoly Group.

We are recognized as the National Enterprise Technology Center, National Hi-Tech Enterprise and National Recognized Testing Laboratory.

We have more than 180 R&D researchers and technicians.

We invest more than 3% of our total sales revenue in R&D every year.

Our R&D orientation is: Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and High Performance.

Since 2002, Carpoly has been cooperating with South China University of Technology to integrate production, teaching and research by means of establishing "post-doctoral research bases", "postgraduate practice bases" and "academicians and experts workstations" as well as conducting jointly research projects. In addition, we have built cooperation alliances with Dupont, BASF, Bayer and Dow Chemical by means of raw material supply and technical exchange.

By the end of 2012, Carpoly had received a total of 68 patents (among which were 51 invention patents, 1 utility model patent and 16 appearance patents), participated in the drafting of 19 national and industrial standards, and been engaged in 28 government-sponsored projects (including 3 national programs and 12 provincial programs) and 21 production, teaching and research integration projects.

Particularly, Carpoly succeeded to develop "non-hazardous and non-toxic PU curing agents" and "water-based two-component PU wood paints", which held a leading position not only in China, but also at the global level.