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[ Calophyllum ]

Wood property:

Air-dry density: 0.60~0.74 g/cm³. It is medium in weight and strength. The structure is coarse with interlocking texture; easy to have warping and raw edge, with large shrinkage; its surface is easily torn. Suitable for planning and sawing, not suitable for process with hammer. It has good adhesiveness and polishing performance.

【 Application 】:

high-end suite furniture, decorative moulding, floor, musical instrument, shipbuilding and carving

【 Usual application effect 】:

Colored transparent full-closed application and colored transparent open application.

【 Process name 】:

Substrate dyeing full-closed application process

【 Process features 】:

The coating film is transparent with good fullness and layering. The application efficiency is high, which can effectively reduce sinking risk.

【 Paint breakdown 】: