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[ Black Walnut ]

Wood property:

Air-dry density 0.61~0.78 g/cm³. It is hard, fine and even, not easy to crack, bacterial, termite and corrosion resistant; with medium bending and compression resistance. The toughness is bad, but with good hot-press forming ability. The black walnut is suitable for craft work and machinery processing like nailing, drilling and gluing. The paint and pigment is long lasting and polished to special effect.

【 Application 】:

High-end car interior decoration, furniture, cupboard, vanity, floor, structural plate of musical instrument, gun stock and high-class crafts.

【 Usual application effect 】:

Colored transparent full-closed application, colored transparent open application and archaizing application.

【 Process name 】:

Base surface full-closed application process

【 Process features 】:

fully filled, natural color, simple and nature effect, preventing collapse

【 Paint breakdown 】: