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[ Fraxinus Mandshurica ]

Wood property:

Air-dry density 0.81~0.98g/cm³, coarse texture. The wood is tough, wet-resistant, hard to dry and easy to bend; easy to have transformation with large dry shrinkage performance; processing performance is good, being able to be fixed with nails, bolts or glue; the section is smooth with good paint and glueability. Good surface effect can be made after dying and polishing.

【 Application 】:

Wooden door, cupboard, crafts, display props, furniture, musical instrument, spots equipment, cars and ships.

【 Usual application effect 】:

Colored transparent full-closed application and archaizing application.

【 Process name 】:

Transparent colored shining application process

【 Process features 】:

good sense of fullness and layer and easy application

【 Paint breakdown 】: