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More than a decade, Carpoly always adhere to the high standards of the industry, based on the high-end industry, and constantly to the technological advantages and breakthrough innovation, committed to the "high-quality, healthy and environmentally friendly" product development.


In 1999, the establishment of "Jiabao Li coating technology development center."


In 2000, Carpoly embarked on a research into harmless and non-toxic urethane hardeners. The project was identified as the National Torch Plan Key Project in 2002 by the Torch High-tech Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology.


In 2002, the joint South China University of Technology set up a "South China University Jiabao Li coating technology center."


In 2004, the project of "Industrialization of Waterborne Wood Coatings with an Annual Output of 10,000 Tons of High Performance Polymer Emulsion," won the bid of Guangdong Provincial Government for its major breakthroughs in key areas of Guangdong and Hong Kong in 2004 and was supported by a special fund of 12 million yuan by the provincial government.


In 2006, built the largest in Asia, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of water-based wood paint production line.


In 2008, Garbo "anti-yellowing modified polyurethane acrylate hybrid emulsion and water-based wood coatings" research results won the first prize of Jiangmen Science and Technology Award. After the expert appraisal committee unanimously identified, the synthetic hybrid emulsion technology reached the international advanced level.


In 2010, the "annual output of 10,000 tons of polyurethane non-toxic curing agent industrialization project" was selected by Gariballux as the list of "Top 500 Enterprises of Modern Industry in Guangdong Province".


On October 9, 2010, Carpoly Testing Center obtained the "Laboratory Accreditation Qualification" approved by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). In the future, Carpoly Testing Center will certify that after passing the certification of CNCA Upon ratification, the rights and benefits of mutual recognition in more than 45 countries may be enjoyed based on the relevant requirements.


In 2011, Garbo Enterprise Technology Center won the "Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center." This is the coating industry Following the 1993 Tianjin Lighthouse Coatings Enterprise Technology Center has been identified as a state-level enterprise technology center, again in 18 years, paint companies have been honored.

With first-class technology research and development team and the top product manufacturing and laboratory testing equipment, Carpoly always hold the commanding height of industry R & D, product innovation ease. In addition to strengthening its own scientific research, Garbo strengthens business cooperation with well-known international chemical companies such as Mitsui Chemicals in Japan, Bayer Chemicals in Germany, Rohm and Haas in the United States, BASF in Germany and DuPont in the United States to establish a good cooperative partnership, So Garbo Li coating technology and raw materials has been maintained in the forefront of coatings industry.

Heart hidden treasures, technical shock universal.
From the very beginning of plant construction, Garbo paid great attention to the investment in R & D and took technology as the top priority. Each year R & D funding accounted for more than 5% of total sales.