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Carpoly Overseas and Chinese VIP Distributors Conference in 2017 with Perfect Ending


September is the season of harvest. Carpoly Overseas and Chinese VIP Distributors Conference in 2017 was held in Zhenzhou City, the capital of Henan province. It was of great honor to invite not only the overseas distributors but also Mr. Huang Jianzhi, Carpoly key domestic distributor to participate in the meeting. 

Firstly, Mr. Cao Shuchao, the vice Chairman of Carpoly made a warm and welcoming speech. He stated that the board of directors were very concerned about the development of overseas market and hoped that the overseas distributors would learn the successful experience from Carpoly domestic distributor to promote their own business rapidly and sustainably as well as develop Carpoly brand internationally. 

Secondly, Ms. Song Xinyi, the General Manager of the Business Unit International made an opening speech. She clearly put forward that the purpose of this meeting was to develop communication and relationship between overseas distributors and domestic ones and develop the internationalization of Carpoly indefatigably.


In the meeting, Carpoly overseas distributor discussed actively and friendly with Mr. Huang about several strategic issues such as market development, cooperation operation and management, technical support, financial management, market investment and customer relationship maintenance. The overseas distributors were eager to know about the successful experience of Mr. Huang. They kept asking questions and shared with their local conditions. The meeting lasted for nearly 4 hours with high enthusiasm.


Ms. Song Xinyi said the Business Unit International would continue to explore the market and create more effective ways for cooperation. At the same time, the Chinese and overseas distributors conference would serve as a platform for communication and exchange. After taking a group photo, the conference came to a successful end.

After the conference, Carpoly overseas and domestic distributors expressed their gratitude for Carpoly thoughtful arrangement. The conference did inspire them to develop the local market. With confidence in Carpoly, the overseas distributors believed that they could do better in the future. Carpoly business unit international also had full confidence and great expectation in the future!