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From Domestic to International, From Present to Future.


Carpoly International VIP Distributor Conference 2018 was held in the third consecutive year in Hilton Wuhan Riverside at 2 pm on September 2, 2018. 19 distributors coming from 7 different countries participated in this year’s conference.

In the conference, Mr Qiu Qiming, the founder of Carpoly, shared the key to success in paint industry, exchanged experience and ideas and illustrated Carpoly’s future strategic plan in the international market with our distributors coming from far away.





Mrs. Song Xinyi, the General Manager of Business Unit International of Carpoly, brought the conference to life by giving a brilliant opening speech about the future strategic plan in the overseas market with the theme of “From Domestic to International; From Present to Future”. After Mrs. Song’s opening speech, four more distinguished guests, Mr. Zhou Qiang, GM of Furniture Paint Department, Mr. Ye Binwu, GM of New Business & Investment Department of Carpoly Chemical Group, Mr. Jiang Tao, Product Director of Furniture Paint Department and Mr. He Ruzhi, the distributor from Wuhan, were invited to share their ideas and experience with our international distributor guests.



On the second day of the conference, our distributors and Carpoly team arrived at Jingmen, a beautiful tourism city near Wuhan. Mr. Liu Youming and his wife Mrs. Zhou Qiongling, who are Carpoly’s distributors in Jingmen, have already invested a lot of time and efforts in the business of marketing Carpoly for the past more than 10 years. So far their business has kept developing in stable and high growth rate for years. Thus, Carpoly team arranged an in-depth seminar for our international distributors, where they can learn from our Jingmen distributor’s key marketing team and share ideas and experience with each other. The seminar was permeated with warm and friendly atmosphere.

After the seminar, our overseas distributors were invited to join in a vivid painter gathering and dinner party organized by Jingmen distributor. The lively party provided the opportunity for our overseas distributors to be exposed to the charm of marketing activity aimed at painters. In the end, we took the party to a new high by the award presentation of Order King and the “Smashing Gold Egg” lucky draw.






This year’s conference is aimed at building up a bridge and platform for Carpoly’s distributors from domestic and overseas market to communicate and share the experience in marketing and operating with each other and learn deeply from each other. Moreover, the Business Unit International of Carpoly will always remember our beginning mind and keep on bold and innovative mind to continue hosting the international distributor conference. As our theme said, “From Domestic to International; From Present to Future”, in the future we will keep on chasing our dream of turning China’s Carpoly into the World’s Carpoly.