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Carpoly Hunan Technology and Business University Student Aid Program Launched!


Eighteen years can make a sapling grow luxuriantly. Eighteen years can allow a group of young people to thrive and become pillars. 

Since 2004, in order to help children in poverty-stricken areas realize their dream of studying, Carpoly has launched a nationwide education aid project. So far, 283 project sites have been set up across the country, guarding the growth of more than 9,000 children, and helping 4,387 underprivileged students realize their dreams of university.



In 2021, under the guidance of Mr. Wang Shukun, Executive Vice President of Carpoly Group, Carpoly Group and Hunan Technology and Business University will carry out a student aid program and set up the Carpoly Hunan Technology and Business University Student Grant Fund. Carpoly will invest 500,000 yuan from 2022 to 2026 to provide financial assistance to students in financial difficulties in Hunan Technology and Business University, providing a possibility and hope for poor students to change their lives.


On the morning of May 10, Hunan Technology and Business University's 2022 Scholarship Award Ceremony was officially held in the Yingcai Lecture Hall of Hunan Technology and Business University. Gan Dejian, vice president of Hunan Technology and Business University, representatives of various charity donations and 135 award-winning students attended the ceremony. Manager Wu Wei of the Engineering Paint Division, on behalf of the Carpoly Group, issued scholarships and bursaries to the 2022 recipient students.



Every year in Hunan Technology and Business University, there are many students from difficult families in rural areas. Due to economic problems, they have to work harder than ordinary students to enter the university campus, which is a hard-won opportunity and a hope for students from poor families to change their fate. Therefore, Hunan Technology and Business University mobilizes the power of its alumni every year to help students in difficulty to complete the university. Mr. Wang Shukun, executive vice president of Carpoly Group, is an alumnus of Hunan Technology and Business University in 1999. In 2021, after learning about the situation of poor students in his alma mater, Mr. Wang applied to the group for funding and facilitated this student aid plan.


Plant a tree and reap a green shade; give a love and hold up a hope. The Carpoly Foundation is willing to accompany the students to grow up, hold up hope with love, and witness them shine on the university stage. It is hoped that the students can walk with love and give back to the society in the future.

Funding is more than donations

Join hands with public welfare from all walks of life

Adhering to the public welfare concept of “Funding is more than donation”, in addition to the student aid program, Carpoly also specifically participates in public welfare activities with the professional ability of the enterprise. In 2022, Carpoly entered Sichuan Daliangshan to carry out a series of warm mountain actions.


In early May, Carpoly joined hands with Sichuan Liangshan Public Welfare Promotion Association to provide financial sponsorship for the “Village Primary Cup” basketball game, which had been interrupted for three years.


At the same time, with the professional ability of the enterprise, the basketball court of Bapu Middle School in Meigu County was repaired to escort the children’s basketball dream. In the follow-up, Carpoly will carry out the project of “Renovation of Aimu Primary School in Huowo Village, Liangshan”, which will provide restoration and reconstruction of Liangshan Public Welfare Village Primary School located in the alpine mountainous area, and provide a more comfortable educational environment for children and volunteer teachers in the mountains.

A person can go fast, a group of people can go further. In the future, Carpoly hopes to explore more new models and scenarios of public welfare, and also looks forward to linking with more caring people, moving forward hand in hand, in the same direction, and “creating the future” for children with love and persistence.