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Congrats! Carpoly has won the 13th Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Awards


Recently, the 13th Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Competition has ended successfully with an online award ceremony. It was known as the “wind vine of the digital marketing”. There were nearly 1,000 marketing professionals attended this online celebration in different time and space, making it a huge celebration.


2022’s Golden Mouse Digital Marketing Competition has received more than 1300 entries. All the entries have been preliminary online reviewed by more than 200 judges, followed by 103 judges for final review. Congrats to Carpoly for winning the Bronze Award in the category of Digital Media Integration with its entry “MY KINGDOM”!


“MY KINGDOM” is the fruit of creative collaboration between Carpoly and the Crow. At the early stage of the brainstorm, we have discussed many ideas and ways of expressions, but there was always a lack of resonance. However, Chao Wang, a designer from the Crow, has put forward the idea of “MY KINDOM” from a glimpse at night. He looked through the darkness unconsciously when gentle lights were coming out from windows. These windows looked like boxes. They were our living places, our fantasies and our passions towards life. That was the exact moment when the idea of “MY KINDOM” was born.


With the theme of supporting everyone’s fantasy of home, “MY KINDOM” acts as a bridge between our brand and the customers. We provide them with recognition and support as well respect individual’s real vibe of living and attitude. We suggest that home is more than a place to live. It is entirely a personal kingdom with his taste. Carpoly and the Crow have created 153 symbolic rooms with different cultural background in total, covering 10 cultural aspects. Each of them represented a group of passionate young people.


The reason why the project “My Kingdom” has been so well received by the market and consumers was that it embedded our thinking towards the living ways of young people. This work did not simply seek for visual appealing and conceptual impact underneath the dazzling visual cover, it was a complete insight from the consumers' perspectives.


We could even imagine a scenario where we are standing in neighbourhoods, surrounded by the glimmery lights coming from windows. At this time, if we look through the windows, we will find the joys, the sorrows of the young generation. We witness their vibes and their lives. In this way, “MY KINGDOM” has transformed from a creative concept to a solid realization, where every home is a real kingdom. It is far more valuable than receiving any honour.