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Outstanding New Products, Carpoly's Public Construction Coating 'All-Rounder' Makes a Grand Entrance



In our daily lives, such as when seeking medical treatment, attending school, or traveling, we encounter many different scenes. A common characteristic of these scenes, as public spaces, is their high requirements for safety, hygiene, and cleanability, far surpassing those of ordinary homes.

Faced with the stringent demands and complex environments of public spaces, Carpoly Architectural Coatings has launched a new water-based varnish product, offering a one-stop solution for interior wall painting in public construction scenarios, and enhancing the professional effectiveness of public spaces.

Healthy, Sterile, Clean

01 How does varnish achieve this in medical spaces?

Hospitals, being among the most crowded places in cities and mostly frequented by patients, directly impact the health and safety of patients and medical staff. The quality of the internal environment is crucial.


 | Hospital Pharmacy

In areas like radiology rooms and pharmacies where there is no sunlight, walls are very prone to mold. In such cases, fungal spores can spread in the air, posing a threat to patients with skin diseases or respiratory infections.

Certified by authoritative institutions, Carpoly varnish meets the zero-level anti-mold standard and has a sterilization efficiency of 99% against E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc., maximally maintaining the hygiene of the hospital environment and preventing cross-infection.


 | Hospital Operating Room

In special and important areas such as inpatient wards, operating rooms, and emergency rooms, walls often get contaminated with patients' blood, excreta, and infusion drugs, necessitating frequent, rapid, and sustainable cleaning and disinfection.

Carpoly varnish boasts excellent stain resistance and chemical resistance. Various medical stains can be cleaned quickly and disinfected, assisting cleaning staff in efficiently restoring the hospital's cleanliness, and securing precious space and time for doctors and nurses.

Impact-resistant, Graffiti-proof, Fire-resistant

02 How does varnish achieve this in campus spaces?

The first quarter of everyone's life is spent on campus. As a nurturing environment for a hundred years of education, the robust growth of children is inseparably linked to the campus environment.


 | Campus Corridor

When inspecting campuses, it is often found that classroom corridors have many "small scars" and "large drawings". Children are naturally lively and prone to bumping into walls during play or chasing each other during breaks, and they also like to express their imagination on the walls.

Carpoly varnish effectively reduces these problems. Professional tests have shown that its hardness level is 2H, indicating that its surface is not easily scratched or worn in daily use. Additionally, its paint film adhesion reaches level 0 (the highest level), remaining mark-free and colorfast even after 10,000 scrubs, making play safer and more enjoyable for children.


| School Auditorium

For places like libraries, auditoriums, and science laboratories that contain a lot of flammable materials, or are densely populated, or have fire use requirements, it is crucial to pay extra attention to potential risks and improve the fire resistance of building materials in public spaces, reducing safety hazards.

Carpoly varnish's inorganic vitrified coating is made from high-performance colloidal silica, reaching the highest fire-proof level A, withstanding 1200°C without burning or emitting harmful gases, building a reliable fire barrier for campuses.

Stain-resistant, Eco-friendly, Aesthetically Pleasing

03 How does varnish achieve this in transportation hubs?

As a well-known infrastructure 'maniac', China's transportation infrastructure construction over the past 30 years is evident to all, with land and air mileage ranking among the top in the world. New challenges have been raised for the coating of comprehensive transportation hubs such as subway/high-speed train stations and airports.


 | Subway/High-speed Train Station Passage

In highly crowded places like subway/high-speed train stations and airports, environmental conditions are extremely complex. Walls are easily stained with footprints, beverages, rain, and other stains, and even face the risk of vandalism.

Carpoly varnish possesses excellent 'anti-stain, waterproof, anti-graffiti' triple protection features. The paint film surface has a noticeable lotus leaf effect, providing a certain degree of self-cleaning. Even stubborn stains can be wiped off easily, keeping public spaces perpetually as new.


| Airport Waiting Hall

As a national/city portal for external communication, the image of transportation hubs is particularly important. They need to have high aesthetics and eco-friendliness, providing passengers with the best experience from both hardware and software aspects.

The inorganic vitrified coating of varnish uses colloidal silica as a binder, featuring extremely low VOC and heavy metal content, without adding any harmful substances, making it green and eco-friendly. Its paint film is dense, with a glazed effect, glossy and smooth to the touch, significantly enhancing beauty compared to latex paint, bringing a comfortable travel experience to passengers.

Public Construction Coating with Carpoly 

Provider of Multi-Scene Public Construction Coating Solutions


In recent years, with various kinds of independently developed technologies making breakthroughs, China's public infrastructure has also entered a new round of iterative upgrades, boosting the development of the national economy.

Echoing the call of the times, Carpoly Architectural Coatings has successively launched elevated bridge series products, varnish products, providing products and technical support from national pride for the high-quality development of the country's public construction, benefiting the people with excellent coatings."