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Seeking the Presence of Carpoly at the Asian Games



For 30 years, China's paint industry has been proud of Carpoly. As the official designated paint for the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, Carpoly has actively supported the national sports event and provided comprehensive assistance for the construction of this year's Asian Games.


Now, please follow our steps to find Carpoly's presence at the Asian Games!

01 Hangzhou Asian Games Village - Athletes' Dining Hall

First, we arrive at the Athletes' Dining Hall, which is a project created by Carpoly in collaboration with Vanke Real Estate during the Asian Games.


 Asian Games Dining Hall

As an essential place for athlete dining safety, the interior environment prioritizes green, comfort, and safety, which are the primary goals of Carpoly's paint design.


To achieve this, Carpoly has paired it with interior wall inorganic paint. This product primarily uses natural inorganic ingredients, making it healthier and more environmentally friendly.


02 Hangzhou Asian Games Village - Media Village

Next, we arrive at the Asian Games Village Media Village, where Carpoly’s inorganic paint and interior wall latex paint products were used in the construction. Adhering to the green concept of the Hangzhou Asian Games, both products use high-quality materials, are non-toxic, odorless, have ultra-low VOC emissions, and offer excellent wall protection and aesthetics.


To ensure the progress and quality of the construction of the Asian Games Village Media Village, Carpoly went to the site to provide construction services and on-site guidance, ensuring full-process quality assurance from product to construction to use.

03 Hangzhou Asian Games Village - Roller Skating Arena

In addition to the comprehensive application of interior and exterior wall paint in the basic construction process of the Asian Games venues, we can also see excellent performance in flooring materials at the last stop of our trip - the Roller Skating Arena.


Hangzhou Asian Games Roller Skating Arena

Carpoly played a significant role in the construction of various Asian Games venues and facilities, ensuring construction quality and environmental safety.

This project used Carpoly’s epoxy terrazzo, which makes the floor seamless, highly durable, and offers endless possibilities for customization. With excellent painting results and customizable patterns, it provides an elegant and smooth visual experience.



At this moment, Asian Games athletes are entering the competition venues, chasing and realizing their dreams of the Asian Games. Carpoly, with its high-quality integrated painting solutions, meets the high-quality requirements of Asian Games construction.

Out of love, Carpoly and the Asian Games are striving in different arenas, but they stand together with a common belief.

Carpoly will continue to shoulder its social responsibility, break through technical challenges, conduct continuous research and innovation, and contribute to the development of more sports-related infrastructure, thereby contributing to the advancement of the sports industry.