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  • Polyester can provide a high build film with good surface hardness. Carpoly PE is featured by high solid content, good levelling and strong anti-shrinkage for close pore system.High sold content (75%-90%) can reduce the coating layer and enhances the fullness. Good levelling makes the film looks like mirror, suitable for modern and minimalism style,PE primer prevents the paint film from shrinkage for a long time, the nightmare of closed effect.

    As a two-component product, it has natural film-forming without the need of special process. PU paints is a most widely used wood paint in the market (Including CLEAR series and SOLID COLOR series).

    The acrylic coating provides the light colored timer and other surface with non-yellowing property, excellent chemical and physical resistance.

    With a decade of experience ,Carpoly is stably providing a full range of UV paint series and UV basecoat & PU topcoat system series. Carpoly UV paint products enjoy the following advantages:stable and excellent film performance;Quick curing,high production efficiency,available for packing at the end of the production line;Low requirement on operational environment and easy application;Cost effiective and environmentally friendly.

    Has been focusing on the research of waterborne paint since from 1996, spares no efforts to do deep research on waterborne wood paint for decades, the Carpoly Company has been the most powerful driver of Chinese waterborne paints. The Carpoly Company not only founds “South China University of Technology Carpoly Coating Technological Center”, the biggest production base of waterborne wood paints, it also passes the authentication together by IKEA Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzhen offices, becoming their supplier of waterborne paints. Besides, the Carpoly Company has been the supplier of waterborne toy paints for Melissa & Doug, the first wood toy manufacturer in US, and BRIO who is the Sweden wood manufacturer.

    The inspiration of wood oil can be traced back to the Chinese lacquer in over 2000 years’ application. Mainly made of natural vegetable oil, animal and vegetable wax and vegetable resins, it not only has same advantages of environment and nature with the lacquer, it also avoids disadvantages of expensive price of raw lacquer, high technological requirements, complicated coating processes and long time-consuming. Meanwhile, it also has advantages of quick construction, simple process, easy learning technologies and natural effects etc.