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Project Introduction

For a more professional service overseas architectural coatings market, provide a series of architectural decoration, landscaping painting professional protection solutions for Carpoly chemical group for large projects to customers, create a monolayer and complex three-dimensional texture painting effect, so that the building is full of vitality!
Carpoly paint to focus on the attitude, with the integrity of the brand to win the trust of partners.

Professional coating program
According to the characteristics of the project, Carpoly paint is divided into real estate projects, government projects, commercial projects, industrial projects and so on. Relying on the specificity, dedication and professionality of architectural coatings, we plan to build high-quality and efficient coating solutions according to the scientific and complete engineering project system and the characteristics of each project.

Leading R & D technology
Carpoly takes innovation as the driving force, increasing investment in research, and has five coating technology R & D centers and a post doctoral research base in China. Integrated the world's latest technology and raw materials, technology innovation oriented, environmental friendly, energy conservation as the cornerstone, adhere to the development of high-performance products.

More than 200 tests
Carpoly has many advanced detection equipment, which ensures the accuracy of inspection with international standards and technologies, and has formed a complete set of scientific and perfect quality inspection management system. More than 200 quality control covers product packaging, raw material testing, production process testing, product physical performance testing, finished product testing and other links to ensure high quality.

Stable supply system
Carpoly paint is produced in strict accordance with ISO9001 international quality system standards and is certified by environmental marking products. In China, it has a strong production layout and capacity, and the conventional raw material reserves can exceed 1 billion yuan. It can supply 100 extra large projects at the same time.

Perfect the product system
From flat to high elastic resistance, stain resistance from self-cleaning to fluorocarbon paint, paint, paint from imitation marble jade to rock color, pottery stone, from the floor coating to bridge tunnel protection, Carpoly paint has the industry most sound engineering coating system, and always lead the industry development.

Intimate construction service
We have professional engineering and technical support and training service team to provide support services for customers, such as painting system introduction, color matching, construction organization, maintenance and special case processing methods, so as to ensure that every use project is benchmarking.

A marketing workshop is held every year to provide a platform for the exchange of learning. For outstanding dealers, the company will assign professionals funded the months of service one to one, they can also be sent to the company training for free.