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In order to better service to every customer, Jiabao Rico through the online booking, we will provide more convenient service for you, if you have any questions are welcome to contact us, thank you!

Tel:+86-750-357 8544/8827      Fax : +86- 750-357 8771      E-mail: bui@carpoly.com

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Application reasons :

Understand the channels :

Remarks ( if special requirements are required, please note ) :

Notice of reservation of sample :

1. the sample can not be bought and sold, only for the use of the sample. If there is any problem, please contact the local dealer or sales manager in time.
2. please stay away from the fire source. Please put the sample in a place where the children can't touch it.
3. the final right to explain to Carpoly chemical group Limited by Share Ltd all.