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The heart and the clouds, the stunning sea. From the beginning of construction, Carpoly attaches great importance to the investment in technology research and development, and regards technology as the top priority. The annual R & D expenditure accounts for more than 5% of total sales. In order to make the product have the absolute competitive advantage in the market, we have the first-class R & D team in the industry.

Carpoly has been innovating as the driving force of the development of enterprises, increasing investment in research, and has five coating technology R & D centers and a post doctoral research base in the country. Integrated the world's latest technology and raw materials, technology innovation oriented, environmental friendly, energy conservation as the cornerstone, adhere to the development of high-performance products.

Major is not just a concept, but a strong technical R & D strength to support it. Many international famous enterprises Carpoly and Bayer, BASF, BYK, Roman Haas, DuPont and other technology projects maintained extensive cooperation, and has set up a number of research institutions engaged in environmental protection, high performance coatings research and development, and also keep tight cooperation. Many domestic universities and Research Institute of chemical industry, production, study and research combining the strategy, and constantly introduce new products to the market, the Carpoly group has been standing in the forefront of the wave of paint industry.

In China, in 2002, in cooperation with the chemical energy Institute of South China University of Technology, "the Carpoly coating technology center of South China University of Technology" was established. In 2005, the "post doctoral research base" was established in cooperation with the South China University of Technology. In May, the Department of science and technology of Guangdong province was awarded the certificate of "high and new technology enterprise" by the Department of science and technology of Guangdong province. In November 2011, the technology center of our company was evaluated as "national enterprise technology center".
In recent years, the innovation achievements of Carpoly Technology Center emerge in endlessly, most of the new product performance indicators are in the international leading level, and 8 patents have been authorized.