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How much do you know about waterproof ?


1.Developers have already made waterproofing treatment, house owners do not need to apply it again, do they?

It is necessary for house owners to apply waterproofing again in home decoration. First, it is easy to destroy the original waterproof membrane during water pipe and electricity installation and reconstruction. Besides, the new waterproof product can overcome the defects of the original one due to limited construction budget.

2.Only floor need to make waterproof treatment, is there no need to apply on wall?

Many people think that only the ground is exposed to water while the wall has no direct contact with water. So they only brush waterproof on the wall under 30 cm high or do nothing. However, it is wrong. For one thing, the wall is usually made from high water-absorbing hollow brick or aerated brick instead of casting concrete. For another, the sprayed water can easily penetrate into the bathroom wall, incurring moisture and mildew on the adjacent wall, and more seriously, it will result in the peeling of decorative coating and brick. Hence, it is recommended to brush at least 1.5 meters high of waterproof layer for wash-hand basin and 1.8 meters for wall of shower room.

3.Since, waterproofing is not show on the appearance anyway, we don’t need to spend much money on it, the cheaper the better, is it?

Many house owners spend limited money on the hidden waterproof compared to tile, sanitary ware and wall. They prefer to buy the cheapest waterproof, disregarding of its performance and service life. In fact, the good waterproof material can keep the house from leakage for a whole life as long as there is no damage, whereas the cheap one can only last for 2-3 years. What’s more, when the water is leaking, the waterproof layer is difficult to repair as it is hidden between tile and the ground. The repairing cost would be 5 to 10 times as much as the initial construction cost because of the destruction and reconstruction of the tile and ground.

What troubles if leakage occurs?

1.The walls become damp and moldy, which will lead to the deformation and mold of wooden cabinets and suspended ceiling, as well as the damage of precision equipment.

2.The cost of waterproof reconstruction is very high. Due to the reconstruction difficulty, the price would be 5 to 10 times higher than the first construction cost.

3.The damp wall will easily cause the risk of electrical leakage.

4.The water will leak into and corrode the neighbors’ walls or furniture, which will affect the relationship and cause conflicts.