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Waterproof treatment for tile decoration floor


Surface layer: 

The thickness of interior wall tile should be 8~10mm, use tile filler to fill the seam.

Binding layer: 

The proportion of cement and mortar is 1:2, and the thickness should be 20mm, spray dry cement powder on the surface.

Waterproof layer:

The thickness of waterproof coating should be 1.2mm 

Leveling layer:

The proportion of cement and mortar is 1:2, and the thickness should be 20mm

Sloping layer: 

LC5.0 light aggregate concrete, the thickness of the thinnest place is 30mm

Structure layer: Casted steel concrete board

Plastering layer: According to engineering design 

Material: IJFS909


IJFS502 quick leaking stoppage, IJFS120 self-repairing waterproof and non-woven fabric.

Simple construction:

Two times brushing, the thickness of film should be 0.5mm each time.


Evenly painting without missing and the thickness should reach 1.5mm. The height of coating for bathroom should be 1.8 meters high while 1 meter high for kitchen. For the kitchen and bathroom, it is recommended to do the waterproof treatment first for the leakage parts like the tube root with the support of non-woven fabrics before large scale waterproof application. With Qucik Leakage Stoppage Material, 120 Easy Repair Waterproof paint can achieve better effect.