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Classifications of application faults and trouble shooting


Classifications of application faults

Application faults are comprehensive reflection of problems in coating design, production, transportation, storage, application, drying and use. According to the emergence time of each application fault, the coating and paint film faults can be divided into three classifications:

Appearance faults refer to defects occurred in the production, transportation and storage process of coating, for example:

precipitation, blocking, muddy, thickening, flooding, floating, gelling and pig skin.

Faults happened during application: 

sagging, lifting, whitening, bleeding, wrinkling, orange peel, needling, grinning, slow dry, fast surface drying, wrong gloss, run oil, etc.

Faults happened after drying/during use: 

scratching, dents, after-tacking, yellowing, fading and delaminating.

Application faults trouble-shooting

Trouble-shooting can be made from the six aspects: staff, machine, substrate, coating quality, application method and application environment.

1. Staff application skill level-if their operation skills and comprehensive quality can meet application requirements.

2. Machinery equipment-if the equipment is normal.

3. The coated substrate-if its treatment can meet application requirements.

4. Application quality-if the quality of coating and matching products is normal.

5. Application method-if the process and operation method have quality risk.

6. Application environment-if the temperature, humidity and cleanliness can meet process requirements.