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Water-based Acrylic Ester Waterproofing

The main component is acrylic ester, a kind of semi fluid liquid substance at room temperature. When curing, it will form a certain thickness of waterproof membrane to protect the surface from water penetration. Featured by propeties including cold-applied, easy application on complicated shape, smooth and seamless coating membrane and easy to find the missing application part, and easy maintainence. Leakend has become a mainstream product for indoor waterproofing construction. Besides, Leakend waterproof membrane has rubber elasticity with good extensibility, high and low temperature resistance, excellent weather resistance and long service life. Leakend can be applied on the wet ground, it is economic, light, environmentally friendly and harmless to human.

Polymer Cement-based Waterproof Material

It is divided into flexible polymer waterproof slurry and rigid polymer waterproof mortar. It is a good combination of inorganic material and organic material. After curing and film forming, the hardened cement can effectively avoid the swelling of polymer film-forming substance in the presence of water. The waterproof membrane not only has the high flexibility and high elasticity of organic material, but also the good water resistance and high strength of inorganic material. Meanwhile, it has many advantages such as cracking resistant and corrosion resistant and good adhesion.

Polyurethane waterproof is solvent-based paint which can be divided into two kinds: one compenent and two component. Its film has excellent ductility, good tensile property and fine resistance to high-low temperature. And it is easy for high build. But it contains benzene and xylene, which are harmful to the constructors and the environment.

Traditional Asphaltic Felt

Traditional asphaltic felt has high tensile strength and good anti-aging properties and it can be applied on the wet base. However, the asphaltic felt requires lapping and it is not easy to deal with the complicated surface. In addition, the asphaltic felt is easy to cause edge warping, crumple, poor sealing, especially the disorderly water moving because of its high heat-shrinkable ratio and strong shrinkage stress in the late stage. Therefore, it is generally used for a large area of damp-proof basement project. Although its cost is low, the asphaltic felt is easy to cause all kinds of leakage problems during construction.

Generally, the family bathroom is small with many pipes. The shrinkage degree of substrate in bathroom is larger than in normal environment because of the long-term influence of hot and cold water. Thus, asphaltic felt is not suitable for bathroom construction.